Friday, May 20, 2011

Nathan turned 12!

Wow, its official...the youngest is no longer a little boy!

It is hard to believe that Nathan has turned 12!
Luckily for me, he still has a great sense of fun!

I tried something new with the cake...since none of us really love cake anyway...for most of the family, cake is a method to get the frosting to our mouths.
I saw this great idea on another blog here (she is so talented and funny!), and tried it out for the birthday cake...yum!

And so cute! (I'd better get these cute things in while he still thinks that they are fun!)

Here's a closer look...and they were so easy! I didn't make the cutout holder, and the high altitude here had the cupcakes not rising quite as high as I would like...but all in!
We had to make a last minute run to the store to have enough candles...I remember when one box would last me more than one year!!! Sniff, sniff!

But once we dug was great!!!

I'd say that these were a hit!

Or that Nathan is a ham...

One of those...

And, horror of horrors...I have broken down and allowed a game system in the house...

To which my children and husband say, "Thank you for joining the modern world, Mom!"

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  1. Oh my cuteness! I LOVE the colored cones. Great job!! I'm going to pin this now. :)


    Allison @ House of Hepworths