Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spell it Out...

...With Sparklers!!!

As a family we're not big into the 4th of July fireworks thing...

some years we go see a big production put on by someone else, 

some years we go to a friend's who is more into it than we are...

most years we just purchase a few little ones and have fun 
in front of the big deal.

Last year, I was more interested in playing with my camera settings than with the fireworks, so my children helped me out by lighting and waving far too many sparklers while I tried different settings out...they were so patient!

By putting the camera on the tripod (for stability) and using just the program~fireworks setting (most point and shoot cameras should have this setting) I caught some fun images.

Then I decided to try something even more fun...spelling letters!

Notice something backwards?

After a bit of flipping and cropping...
then using another shot I took a few years ago as a background...


An awesome personalized greeting to send to a friend!

You can do all sorts of drawing with sparklers...

this website had some fun ideas, here...

Would you like to try it?

  • Grab a tripod (or something to steady your camera on),

  • Make sure its dark out,

  • Set your camera for the longest exposure you have...on most simple cameras that will be the fireworks program setting,

  • Light those sparklers and have some fun clicking away!

Creativity is encouraged!

For those of you with more advanced cameras, there is a website with some more detailed

As always, exercise good judgment when using safe!

I'm linking this post over at the House of Hepworth's Party

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